About me

I'm a software engineering student. I do all kinds of things with computers. Mainly I'm interested in electronics and electronics design, low-level stuff, reverse-engineering, sysadmin and DevOps stuff, programming and ethical hacking. On this website I'm going to post about my projects and write tutorials.

Languages I use:

About this website

I made this website, because from time to time I like doing some technical projects, and I also enjoy reading technical blogs, and I also like writing, so naturally I wanted to start a blog. Of course I could have used GitHub pages or something similar, but where's fun in that? Instead I've decided to spin up an OpenBSD cloud server and host my blog on it.

As it always happens, choosing a domain name was the hardest part, but eventually I came up with an idea of this domain. It's a combination of technomancer (the inspiration came from Neuromancer) and my name + -ery suffix, indicating an activity. Sometimes I question my choice of a domain, but I think its really neat and unique.